Do-it-yourself Computer Keyboard Repair

My by far favorite computer keyboard repair is...BUY A NEW ONE!

However, since you asked...

Out of all the different input devices, the computer keyboard is the most essential and without it, you won't be able to carry out the basic operations unless you use a mouse and an on-screen keyboard which isn't very convenient for productive tasks. Because of its importance, you need to take good care of your computer keyboard if you don't want to spend money on a replacement if ever it breaks. However, the keyboard is often used during any regular computer session and depending on the brand of the keyboard, its lifespan may be lessened if used often. Fortunately, there are some computer keyboard repair methods that you can do all by yourself that may save you from buying another keyboard just because of a minor problem.

Getting Started

A computer keyboard repair involves you opening up your keyboard and that may not be a wise thing to do if you are not even sure that the keyboard is the problem. You can easily check if your keyboard is functional by entering your BIOS setup and see if you can navigate through the menus. Then go back to Windows and see if the arrow keys work there. If other keys do not work, your computer keyboard needs cleaning or fixing.

Opening your Keyboard

Take a picture of your keyboard so that you know how the keys are supposed to be laid out just in case an accident happens while opening and the keys get scattered. Then get a screwdriver and flip your keyboard to find the screws that are keeping the keyboards parts together. Carefully remove all the screws while keeping the keyboard together and place the screws in a safe location. Remember where each screw is placed as some screws may be longer in length.

Applying the Fixes

First, examine the keys that are not working and clean them thoroughly if the problem is caused by spillage or abuse. Try to clean all of the other keys as well so that they will not be affected by future cleaning processes. Place the keys back into place and close the keyboard without using screws so that you can do some testing. If it still doesn't work, use a graphite spray to renew the conductive coatings targeting the area where the key doesn't work. You will also need to apply this graphite spray on the contact pads, which are small. Use the screwdriver to apply it in these areas without risking a short to the contacts.

Be very careful in applying the graphite, doing it wrong can lead to a malfunction that affects the entire keyboard. You can remove this graphite, however, by scraping it vigorously, but carefully. Be sure to it quick because the graphite dries fast, after it has dried you can test the keyboard once again.

If the problem still isn't solved, you are better off simply buying another keyboard which actually doesn't cost that much.

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